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"TRUtalk: Straight Outta LA is a online TV show dedicated to the upward mobility of the
African-American population expanding into the entire African Diaspora.

Elbow Grease Productions is an independently owned and operated company that is dedicated to
activism that utilizes all forms of the media to promote justice and equality.

Show Guests Include:

Michael Jackson
Russell Simmons
Thomas Mesereau
Arnold Schwartzenegger
Barack Obama
Brookins Community Church
Aphrodite Jones
Honor Thy Father
NAACP Diversity Symposium
Woman's Theatre Awards
Community Unity Day
Wendy Racquel Robinson
Loretta Devine
Ted Lange
Dawn Lewis
Lee Meriweather
NAACP - Bruce Gordon
Jesse Raudales - Artist (feat. Terrence Howard, Tommy Ford, Kym Whitley)
Earl Ofari Hutchinson - Author/Commentator (LAUPR)
Art Evans - Actor
Kool Moe Dee - Rapper/Author
Dr. Rosie Milligan - Author/Publisher/Speaker
Min. Tony Muhammad - Nation of Islam
Karen Briggs - Violinist
Mooney Twins - Conscious Comedians
Bryan Franklin - Entrepreneur (
Daniel Johnson - Marriage & Family Counselor
plus several others and more to come.

Elbow Grease Productions is a Black-owned media company that was the ONLY Black-owned media to
be fully credentialed to cover the biggest trial in world history--The Michael Jackson Trial.

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